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Hotel Klammer's Kärnten • Familie Klammer
Dr. Zimmermannstrasse 9 • 5630 Bad Hofgastein • Salzburger Land • Österreich
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Our Thermal SPA

It´s obvious to look for the secret in the Gasteiner valley water. The thermal water itself is a miracle of nature. Its source is from within the mountains and has by itself the strength to reach the surface. A healing water would only do this when it is ripe enough. Our water has reached the stage where it can heal.

The way in which we interact with water is a real specialty. In order to make this specialty visible to the guest, we have allowed some water crystal pictures to be produced. To bathe yourself in the wisdom of water could be a genuine experience for you.

The secret lies in multiple processes. First off, this is invigorating Grander Water (as in the entire hotel). Secondly, this is water which has been spoken to. The Japanese Emoto has scientifically proven that water alters its crystal form in response to words, music and attention. If snowflakes can form their beautiful visible crystals – Water too, in its frozen state, can make its crystals visible again.

Treated water, required in all swimming pools, becomes invigorated through energized locations.

Underneath the bridge you´ll discover stones - They´re placed as if according to an ancient ritual. What´s more - Stones are simply fascinating; they´re watchers from another world.

Take a dip in the 33°C thermal outer-pool where you´ll have the mountains all around you and the borderless sky above you. The dream of weightlessness occurs when playing "dead man" but one thing also comes to mind - We´re approaching it.

Simply splendid relaxing!