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Almorama Card Gastein

Mountains full of beautiful moments

Three resorts – Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein and Dorfgastein – offer summer mountain adventure collectively. The different leisure activities offered at Stubnerkogel, Schlossalm, Graukogel and Fulseck are combined under the Almorama brand.

Each of the four mountains has its own special magic offering leisure activities suited to its particular environment. There is something for all needs and interests. What is on offer has been combined under the umbrella brand Almorama: a name that conjures up a comprehensive summer experience, promising four “mountains full of beautiful moments”. The Almorama Card was developed that so guests can take advantage of these. The ticket includes all cable-car trips on the four named mountains and allows visitors the opportunity to put together their own programme.

Prices Almorama Card Gastein 2016
Valid for all lifts in Gastein, but only on consecutive days (ID card required):

• 2-days ticket:   € 34,00 per adult |  € 17,00 per child
• 3-days ticket:   € 42,00 per adult |  € 21,00 per child
• 4-days ticket:   € 50,00 per adult |  € 25,00 per child
• 5-days ticket:   € 56,00 per adult |  € 28,00 per child
• 6-days ticket:   € 61,00 per adult |  € 30,50 per child
• 13-days ticket: € 79,00 per adult |  € 39,50 per child